Making courses simple
My 6-step streamlined system for
My proven 6-step system to go 
from concept to course sales
My tried-and-tested launch
formula and sales strategy
My killer distribution model
for reliable, recurring, revenues
Bonuses you'll love

  •  A VIP ticket to my 3-day ‘Six Figure Expert Summit’ in February (£997)
  •  My feedback on your course - 1:1 In Private before you build it (£1,000)
I’ve made over £3m selling more than 12,000 online courses in the last 3.5 years.

More important, online courses have transformed the way I work and live - giving me back my time and freedom.

I’ve taught 1,000 people just like you how to use my simple step-by-step system.

After years of struggling to build their businesses or doing jobs they hated, they now have a predictable, reliable way to make money online.
  •  A way to make money from their one true passion
  •  A way to reach more people and earn more (in less time)
  • A way to make more money from 1:1 clients
I've shown them how to:
  •  Create simple online courses in under 30 days
  •  Make money online from the work they already do
  •  Sell courses (even if they don't have their own audience)
  •  Take 80% of their business online
  •  Start living life on THEIR terms
Real people with real results.

Now it’s your turn.
Courses Made Simple (That Sell) is my simple, six-step online programme for creating online courses that sell. Just that. Nothing more.

It's the EXACT system I use to create all of my courses (including this one). 

It's the super simple system I've taught 1,000 people just like you and been paid £25,000 a day to show some of the highest-earning and most respected entrepreneurs in the world.

Why? Because you can't buy time.

I know how to create courses in under 30 days and to get them selling (even if you don't have your own audience).

My system is streamlined, simple-to-follow and you don't need to be at all techie or clued up in social media.

Simply let me walk you through how to:
  •  Create a winning course concept
  •  Nail a killer, commercial course title
  •  Map and create your course content
  •  Build your course and get it live
  •  Plan and execute a killer online launch
  •  Drive distribution and ongoing sales
  •  Automate your model to deliver reliable, recurring revenues
Tried, tested and proven
I’ve even road-tested it with my 12-year-old son and my 92-year-old nan. My son has already started making his own course (even though I’d rather he focus on his homework) and my nan is mulling over making a course for staying active well into your 90s!

Trust me, if they can do it - so can you!
Courses Made Simple (That Sell) is for you EVEN if:
  •  You're not sure what to sell
  •  You're not sure people would buy from you
  •  You don’t have your own audience
  •  You hate tech, social or the idea of being in front of a camera!
There’s nothing here I haven’t done myself or helped other people overcome. 

I’ve got it covered. We’ve got it covered.
Let's talk sales!
This isn't JUST about creating a course
as quickly and simply as possible.

It’s about MAKING MONEY.
That’s why I’m also giving you my entire:
Launch Strategy
Automated sales strategy
Distribution Strategy
You’ll get all of THIS inside Courses Made Simple (That Sell).
Online Learning
Your time is now.

The online learning industry is booming and is already worth over $240bn.

Barack Obama even met Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to discuss it and said:
“Online learning is a huge growth sector and crucial for people’s ability to turbocharge their education and get the jobs and skills they need.”
Online courses let you transfer the work you do in person to online.

It lets you transfer what you do 1:1 to 1:1000s.

It’s never been easier to make money online using only the skills, knowledge and expertise you ALREADY have.

My first online course changed everything for me.

I created it at home. On my own. With zero marketing budget.

And do you know what? It's SO much easier now than it was 3.5 years ago. 

Now you can follow the exact formula I used.
Courses Made Simple (That Sell) isn’t JUST about creating online courses.

It absolutely shows you how to do that – but it’s about so much more.

It’s about building a business that gives you the FREEDOM to live life on your terms.

Freedom to take time out; to exercise; eat properly; to never miss a school production or parents’ evening; to read; to invest in yourself and be in your flow all of the time.
Running your own business shouldn’t be a slog.

It should be everything you dreamed it would be.

It should give you the life you deserve.

You should feel proud of your work and energised by it daily, not underwhelmed and drained.

Courses Made Simple (That Sell) shows you how to build a business that leaves you fulfilled and your bank balance full, not exhausted and running on empty.
My Promise to you
When you enrol to Courses Made Simple (That Sell) you get my 100% focus.

You WON'T be left to struggle along on your own.

Not on my watch.

I do things differently.

I do this once a year so I can fully commit to 
Do it with you
Here’s what that actually means:

My time: 

I'll live teach every step so I take your questions as we learn

My mentoring:

I'll personally hold you accountable between live teaches with check-in Q&A sessions

My team:

You'll get access to me and my team in a private Facebook group for SIX MONTHS!

I've cleared my diary and I'm 'all in' for this.

All I ask is you show up and do the work...

With me.

Shall we do this (together?)


Real Results
It worked for me and it worked for them.
That’s how I know it’ll work for you.
What's stopping you?
Too busy or don’t have the cash to enrol?

Are you sure?

Let me ask you this:

If you don't do this NOW where will you be when I open Courses Made Simple (That Sell) in late 2019?

From experience of seeing this many, many times over, is that you'll be here:

Right where you are now.

Except the frustrations of working hard, trading time for money, trying to build your list in time you don't have... getting average results with a business model you know is limiting you... will feel so much worse...

And that's if you haven't burned out trying to do everything all by yourself all of the time...

If you truly want to:

- Make an extra £5K a month (very easily)
- Lift the cap on your earning potential
- Reclaim your time and freedom
- Build the business you truly want
- Start driving passive income

NOW is the time to take action...

Not a future 'perfect time' that may never arrive.

So what's it to be?

The old, slow, hard way?

or the new, fast, fun way?

I know what I'd do!
Money-back Guarantee
Never invested in yourself before?

I get it. 

So how about we take the risk away?

I’m that confident Courses Made Simple (That Sell) will work for you that I’m going to do this:

You show up and do the work with me and...

IF you haven’t sold courses equal to the value of your investment in 12 months’ time, then I’ll refund you in full.

I'll cry a little and wonder how the hell we screwed this up, but you have my 100% no-quibble money-back guarantee.
My proven 6-step system to go 
from concept to course sales
My tried-and-tested launch
formula and sales strategy
My killer distribution model
for reliable, recurring, revenues
Not sure you've got what it takes?
Be honest, are you worried about any of the following?

  •  I don't have anything to teach
  •  I don’t know if people would buy my course
  •  I don’t know where to start
  •  I don’t have the tech skills
  •  I don’t have the confidence to be in front of a camera
  •  I don’t have the time or money
I get it.

Three years ago I hadn’t made a course, either.

I didn't have an audience or social media following.

I didn't have a marketing budget.

I’ve made every mistake there is to make.

Now I've got a system that’s quick, simple, super easy to follow and WORKS.

I’ve tested it with more than 1,000 people just like you.

  •  Make money online
  •  Be live & selling in 30 days
  •  Stop trading all your time for money
  •  Get paid to do the work you love
  •  Drive reliable passive income
  •  Become an online expert
I created this programme for you
It does what is says on the tin.

I teach you how to make a course.

I teach you how to sell one.

I do it with you.

Just that. Made simple.


If you like the idea of having your own online course that will help you:
  •  Make more money
  •  Stop trading time for money
  •  Move 80% of your income online
  •  Stop leaving money on the table
  •  Reach more people, with less stress
  •  Raise your profile and take your message to the world
  •  Get paid to do the work you LOVE
Then Courses Made Simple (That Sell) is for you.


The business, lifestyle and income you want is just an online course away.

That online course is just a simple click away.
Over to You
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I’d love you to join me inside Courses Made Simple (That Sell), but it really is your call.

Here’s the truth:

The people I’ve shown how to do this now have courses live, making money and providing them with the business, lifestyle and income they desire.

THEY were where YOU are just a few months ago.

The ONLY difference is that they made the decision to take action.

They decided to stop what wasn’t working for them and started working smarter to reach more people in less time with less stress.

I made it super simple for them and they haven’t looked back.

If you want your own online course…

If you want MORE FREEDOM and to make MORE MONEY…

If you want to make 2019 the year you get the business you desire…

… then I’ll show you how.



I know this can work for you – now let me SHOW you.

I’ve committed my time to do it with you.

I’m ready when you are!

And remember… you’ve got my cast-iron 100% money-back guarantee.

Let’s do this!

Bonuses you'll love

  •  A VIP ticket to my 3-day ‘Six Figure Expert Summit’ in February (£997)
  •  My feedback on your course - 1:1 In Private before you build it (£1,000)
Join me inside
My 6-step streamlined system
for creating online COURSES that sell
My proven 6-step system to go 
from concept to course sales
My tried-and-tested launch
formula and sales strategy
My killer distribution model
for reliable, recurring, revenues
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